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Search ads
Reach 88% of the world's users and reach active searchers. Capture key moments and never miss an opportunity to be featured.
Display Ads
Increase brand awareness by proactively reaching out to your target audience on a vast network of over 2 million websites and apps.
video advertisement
Proactively reach out to the target users, show the brand story and product advantages of the enterprise in vivid advertisement form, and rapidly enhance the brand value.
Discover Advertising
Reach up to 3 billion customers with an engaging, personalized ad experience that discovers your brand and the users who interact with it at all times
remarketing campaign
Don't panic when customers visit and leave again. Present multiple times at the right time to keep your customers coming back and improve ROI!
shopping ads
For B2C cross-border e-commerce customers, vivid picture form, prominent position, double the number of visits, direct global consumers

Difficulties encountered by more than 80% of Chinese companies going overseas

Are you struggling with these same issues

Wasted opportunity
Wasted opportunity
Exhibiting year after year, but the effect of the exhibition decreases year by year, wasting the opportunity to exhibit. Few/no effective inquiries, consuming a lot of business staff's energy but no effect.
Spending a lot of time on collaborations that can't be effectively energized and missing out on growth. Watching competitors take advantage of opportunities to capture markets and make profits
outflow of talent
outflow of talent
Immature foreign trade team, ineffective marketing, lack of training mechanism to help business people get good performance. Lack of sense of achievement, employees are more likely to turnover

Omni-Channel Solutions

With the same input, Topbestcart brings you more quality inquiries and order conversions!

How to make your booth more popular?
How to reduce the cost of inquiry and increase the effectiveness?
Competitor analysis Keyword market analysis Precise positioning of global users Combined with online advertising to attract offline exhibitions
Professional service process and detail control
Make your every dollar count!
Google's official optimization leader leads the team Independent copywriter, artworker, project manager Provide one-stop service from pre-planning to content production, placement management Regular on-site reporting and so on.
Help you build a professional foreign trade marketing team
Free foreign trade training courses
7 × 24 hours customer service online VIP customer training sessions On-site account diagnosis and analysis sessions Free participation in foreign trade training courses

Advertisement Promotion Process

Reduce customer acquisition costs by pinpointing your target market

01. Market Analysis and Research
According to the characteristics of the customer's industry, combined with the demand for promotion, for the customer to choose a more suitable advertising market
02. Strategy Development and Program Recommendation
According to the target market analysis, keyword analysis and competitor analysis, etc., recommended placement program
03. Account Setup and Ad Placement
From keyword layout, content creation, account building placement to optimization, full exposure and control of the budget
04. Results tracking and account optimization
According to real-time data, timely adjustment of keyword strategy, bidding and budget allocation optimization, advertising creative optimization

Success Stories

Satisfactory strategy

01. Marketing Challenges
1. Baicheng is positioned as a photography accessory brand, with a single product, a narrow audience and high pricing.
2. The conversion rate of the website is low in the early stage, so it needs to be prepared to locate the audience and expand the brand promotion in different country markets.
3. Influenced by peer competition, the company has to maintain its brand image while continuing to expand channels to win consumers' favor.
02. Promotional Programs
1, search ads: through the keywords associated with the user search results, directly for the most interested customer groups.
2. Display Ads: Directed to users with recent search behavior, increasing exposure, attracting users to visit the page at low cost, and expanding the original traffic.
3, shopping ads: through the Google shopping platform as far as possible to cover the target market countries, directly attract more shopping intention users.
4. Remarketing Ads: For high potential users who have visited the website, secondary ads are pushed to promote increased conversion.
03. promotion effect
Monthly sales on standalone site: $10W+
Sales: + 200%
Average ROI: 3+
01. Marketing Challenges
1, the product category is relatively rich, with whole-house home customization and kitchen customization as the main placement products, for B station users, the audience is relatively narrow, the crowd requires precision.
2, the website conversion ability is not strong, need to optimize the conversion chain, with marketing activities to promote conversion.
3, the website due to code problems, the conversion can not be correctly tracked, need to be based on the feedback given by the marketing department to adjust the inquiry situation.
02. Promotional Programs
1、Search Ads: Targeted placement of product keywords to expand user groups and attract accurate traffic.
2, display advertising: a use of better keywords positioning placement; b the kitchen, home furnishings and other people interested in targeted placement, the use of display advertising to attract more users at a lower cost.
3. Website optimization: shorten the conversion path and improve the conversion.
03. promotion effect
Effective inquiry: +25%
Conversion cost: -25%
Inquiry efficiency: +20%
01. Marketing Challenges
1, mechanical products keyword heat is relatively low, need to cooperate with the expansion of words and with other forms of advertising to expand the volume.
2, the website in addition to India's pre-market conversion costs are high, the need for accurate keyword traffic, reduce the cost of conversion.
3. Boyu's product promotion direction is different in different markets, and the optimization of advertisements needs to be carried out in line with customers' marketing strategies.
02. Promotional Programs

1. Search ads are the main focus, supplemented by discovery ads.
2, search advertising: brand words cast global, other product words cast designated areas, through the veto word accurate traffic.
3. Discovery ads: targeted placement for users who are loyal to the brand to expand traffic.
03. promotion effect
Exposure traffic: +38%
Conversions: +33%
Conversion cost: -40%
01. Marketing Challenges
1、Inquiry quality accuracy is not high
2、Inquiry price is expensive
3、Account structure is confusing, account no conversion settings
02. Promotional Programs
1、Emphasis on website experience: optimize the opening speed, conversion path, website net capacity.
2. Search ads: avoid popular, high CPC and high conversion cost keywords, strictly control keyword precision, and focus on high precision long-tail words.
3. Remarketing Ads: For high potential users who have visited the website, secondary ads will be pushed to promote the conversion.
03. promotion effect
CPA is much lower than the success of the line
Premium Inquiries: +53%
Conversion Rate: 46%

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